Manoel Neto

Manoel Neto is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and founder of Focus Jiu Jitsu – one of the most successful grappling academies in Europe. Originally a product of Nova Uniao (NU), Manoel Neto arrived in the North of Portugal during the early 2000’s decade, becoming one of the sport’s pioneers in the region while helping develop jiu jitsu there to an international level by producing IBJJF World and European medalists and champions, as well as Abu Dhabi World Pro podium achievers such as Pedro “Paquito” Ramalho, Guilherme Jardim, Filipe Silva, Hugo Barros among others.

Alberto Guzman

Alberto Guzman is from Spain and a supervising instructor for FOCUS JJ Groningen. He is a competitive black belt in Europe as well. 


Orlando Prins, Brown belt, the head instructor of FOCUS Jiu-Jitsu Netherlands. Having trained several other martial arts disciplines Orlando one day chose to add jiujitsu to his arsenal and fell in love with the sport. He is one of the most active competitors, Orlando has won many medals all over the world. Some of his achievements include winning the Abu Dhabi Trials, IBJJF medals in Nice, London, Paris and many more. Orlando is training full time and shifted his focus lately to MMA as well.

Orlando Prins


Guven Cam


Guven Panchito Cam, purple belt, is a BJJ competitor with loads of competition experience. In daily life behind the computer working on webshop design in the evenings embracing the bjj grind.

Bram Welbroek, Brown belt, after years training high level Kendo and participating in many international tournaments Bram decided to give BJJ a try and never looked back. Bram is a very humble person and a patient and friendly instructor always willing to help and explain that detail once more.

Bram Welbroek


Jan van Haperen, Purple belt, he won the IBJJF German Nationals and being runner up in the IBJJF Paris open as a white belt. He got his purple belt within 3 years and learning it all at Focus Groningen. He has fallen in love with this sports a couple of years ago and never missing a training since then.



Tim, Blue belt, started training in 2015 and fell in love with the sport ever since. In his daily life, Tim is a primary school teacher and developmental specialist. Tim combines his love for jiu-jitsu and teaching by teaching and developing the juvenile program.


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