Brown Belts

I like jiujitsu more than I like chocolate

I'm in Amsterdam but my heart is still in Groningen

Jiu Jitsu saved my life

I just like to get choked

"If life is a road, jiu jitsu is the pavement" - Ying Hao

Purple Belts

Jiujitsu lets me flex on a daily 

Jiujitsu is like a game of cards

Don't train to become average

The anwser to life is 42 and BJJ

My heroes are, Xande, Gokor and everybody who would kick your ass for me

Jiujitsu is my meditation

Jiu Jitsu makes free.

Jiujitsu is a nice way to spend my evening 


i will fix you up in no time!

I am one with the shadows

Pain is just a french bread

Blue Belts

I enjoy the physicality and tactical challenges BJJ offers

As an MMA fighter I like to finish people, BJJ Just offers me more ways to do that

My name is Robert not robbert!

I like turtles

I like turtles

I love grappling and SPSS, you can wake up for either one

Ik hou van sport en Rooie Rinus en Pe Daalemmer

Jiujitsu is a way of life

Jiu jitsu is like an addiction I've never been able to kick

Ik ben de enige econometrist die mensen kan wurgen

I like jiu jitsu and Dutch vegetables

Try to take me down,

I dare you!

It is never too late to be what you might have been

Mads 77 lead guitarist

BJJ heeft me veel geholpen in het leger

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